The contemporary political arena in the United States has two main political parties, the Democratic and the Republican parties. The Republican Partywas started in 1854 by the people opposing the creation of Kansas and Nebraska territories. The party has remained in the country’s topflight politics for many years (awkward wording), producing some of the influential presidents in the United States history, such as Abraham Lincoln and George Bush. Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president and managed to end slavery in 1865 after it took long (awkward wording) (Azari, 2016). The Republican Party has continued to increase its number offollowers while competing with its all-time rival, the Democrats. Therefore, it is significant to look at the aspects that have kept the party going despite the challenges.(need a better thesis statement)

The Republican Party is organized based on political ideologies and composition to participate in the United States’ leadership.(vague statement that doesn’t really say anything)At the beginning of the party’s formation, it consisted of white Protestants from the north and African Americansindividuals from all parts of the country (Azari, 2016). Consequently, the party’s first presidential candidatepresident did not get votes from the south which was dominated by the white Democrats. The party’s organization realized that it had almost no following at the south and embarked on the process of selling its name in the southern region. Consequently, the country decentralized its operations to include all the states regardless of the party affiliation. The party respects the states’ rights over the federal government by supporting different states’ political agendas. The national convention welcomes delegates from different states as an organizational strategy acquired from the democratic national convention in the 1970s.(unclear sentence)Additionally, the party has a national committee that oversees the candidates’ nomination and the party’s activities whenever the need arises. The party has various small organizations such as the congressional and the senatorial organizations and committees that organize their activities different from those of the Republican National Committee.

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Like any other political party, the Republican Party aims tochange the lives of Americans. In the beginning, the party opposed slavery and always wished for a country with free citizens without the racial lines (unclear wording). Therefore, the abolition of slavery was the party’s first goal since the party’s proponents believed that they could appeal to the black Americans who were suffering in slavery. Another goal is to transform the country by reducing taxes and regulations on the same(the same what?) because the party aims to build the economy. The goal explains why the party’s presidential candidate in the 2016 elections using the slogan “make America great again” as a slogan to redeem the country’s economy and develop it to greater economic and political heights (Jacobson, 2018)(awkward wording).The Republican Party’s goal developing the economy by allowing corporations to develop their employment activities without depending on the government(sentence fragment). Such practices show that the party supports free-market policies to improve trade within the country and across the borders. Another aspect of the free market is the Tatt-Hartley Act that allows workers to choose not to participate in the unions. The Republican Party supports the act because it aims at allowing workers and every individual to make decisions without influence from different groups.

The party’s primary issues manage, monitor, and mentor potential politicians into prominent leaders in the country. For this reason, the party aims at forming a government that helps in developing leaders for plans (unclear wording). Additionally, the party has the mandate to establish a strong opposition strategy to watch over government operations when it loses an election. Different leaders from various leadership levels in the country provide their views to the party concerning the citizens’ wellbeing in the United States. Another central issue in the party is about the transformation that many people desire because of the dynamics in the global arena. The party believes that international relations play significant roles in transforming the country into a better status in which citizens can enjoy government services. The party’s primary issues keep it growing from one generation to the next without breaking or losing its popularity in American politics. Therefore, it is essential to note that the party’s primary issues might be much despite the few discussed in the paper.

The Grand Old Party gets its resources from party members and well-wishers who believe that the party can change lives. Party members contribute to the party through registration as members in different categories with different amounts(unclear wording). Individuals planning to vie on GOP tickets register with a set amount before campaigning for the primaries because the party has to have enough money to run the activities until theElection Day. Many people understand the significance of a major party, the Republican Party’s level, because they can get new members(awkward wording). Additionally, different individuals and companies invest in the party’s activities to benefit from the win in the elections. Companies operate with the philosophies that make it easier to work with parties as the GOP supports it to win elections over other parties. The relationship between the party’s management and the donors creates a conducive environment in which some companies can thrive. Therefore, the party’s resources continuously increase throughout different electioneering seasons because they come from different forms.

The party’s leadership has been stable throughout history, making it possible for the party to compete. The party has different ranks from the local grassroots to the national level, where there are the party leader and other senior officials. The Republican National Committee oversees all the party activities at all levels to allow transparency and subsequent prosperity. The party has decentralized most of its activities in different states, similar to the government, to ensure that every individual at the grassroots can access the party and its services (Bowen, 2016). The party members in the House and the Senate organize party conferences to discuss leadership issues and other matters touching on the members’ welfare. In most cases, the party’s elected members are in a better position of ensuring the running of the party. Although those who do not make it in the elections might not be seen in the limelight, they are also at the forefront to ensure the party’s development and growth.

Any citizen in the United States of America can become a member of the party through registration. Although the party has many American political supporters, registered members might be fewer than what on-lookers might have imagined. Party membership comes with one registering with a particular amount to be an eligible member in the party. The members’ eligibility comes to use during the party primaries when only party members participate in choosing a candidate to face the candidates from other political parties in the United States. The Republican Party targets all the American citizens since it is a national party that has remained in national politics since its formation. The party addresses issues such as immigration, gun control laws, and marijuana legalization since these are some of the issues that affect the country’s people. Individuals affiliated to the party believe that the party can change their lives through the manifestoes that the leaders highlight during elections.

The Grand Old Party has been participating in American politics for a long time since its break from the Democrat. The party has hard ups and downs while producing some prominent presidents, and some of those considered poor-performing presidents in the United States (Bowen, 2016). For instance, Ronald Reagan played a significant role in rooting out the communist influence in the west and led the country into the end of the cold war than had numbed the world for almost 30 years. The Republican is proud to have played a central role in ending the cold war since it affected the United States’ international activities. The recent prominent president was George Bush, who ushered in the 21st century, leading for eight years before the party lost the Democrats (Yoo, 2009). Current president Donald Trump is a Republican, indicating that the party is widespread in contemporary American politics.

The party’s performance since its formation has been massive because it has remained in active politics all-through. Although there have been challenges in the political arena, the Grand Old Party has remained united and focused on its goals. The party has sponsored many candidates into leadership positions in America, proving to be one of the best vehicles to lead individuals into the country’s leadership. In assessing its performance, I can note that the Republican Party has remained relevant to going down or splitting into other political parties. The party commands a massive influence amongst the vast population in America since it has a large following. In the beginning, the party did not influence some parts because of its stance on the issues concerning African American people in the United States. Currently, the party has a following in all country regions because it has been changing its philosophies with the changes in the political arena.

The Republican Party shows all the abilities to remain in the national political arena. The party participates in all elections because of its following that exists in most parts within the United States of America’s borders. The party has already established itself and cannot afford to miss in the future elections, which the party understands that it has significant benefits to its growth. The party’s influence seems not to go down because it has continued to field candidates in recent elections. Politics is a game that moves from one generation to the next, and the Republican politicians are not an exception, considering that young politicians have continued to emerge. The party will continue attracting new politicians and recruiting them into the party’s activities to keep the party active for all the coming elections. I foresee an increased and intensified influence because the Democratic Party, which the rival party, is doing a lot to win the people’s trust. Therefore, the party will continue to get more influence in all parts of the country because it has continued to participate in all the elections, taking most of the seats.








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