Rain water moves quickly, eroding soil, grass, oils, hardscaping and pooling at the lowest points where it may sit on the surface for a long time before absorbing into the ground causing floods, which then causes a multitude of problems for Bristol Township.


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How Stormwater may affect Bristol Township?

Certain populations are more vulnerable to harm from unsafe drinking water such as children, the elderly, workers, and pregnant women. Additionally, low-income families and communities of color, who already experience an overwhelming disease burden and limited access to resources to maintain health, are disproportionately impacted by unsafe drinking water and illness.


Nursing Plan:

  • In-person meetings/visits with elected officials.
    • Create plans and be an advocate for Bristol Township:
      • Ex: recycling truck schedule
      • Ex: Devote a town day to have hazardous waste collected/ dropped off at a certain location.
    • Work with local and state officials about the water system and vulnerable waterways to prevent harm within Bristol Township and surrounding towns/ cities.
    • Advocate: testimonials of town members/ community, your own person feelings for the better of the town.



  • Do frequent town-council meetings/ attend town-council meetings
  • Do frequent meetings with community members: affected patients, newspaper, online, social media, phone calls, etc
  • Keep records of Bristol Township EPC, site activities, construction projects, etcs



  • Use pesticides and fertilizers sparingly
  • Repair all auto and motor equipment leaks
  • Clean up after your pet
  • Wash cars on your lawn, not on your driveway
    • The oils from that car will seep into the soil if you wash it on lawn
    • Well water and don’t have town water, oils will seep into your well and you end up consuming water
  • Recycle
  • Dispose of household hazardous waste such as batteries, used oil, paint and certain cleaning solvents at designated collection locations.



  • Educate parents with children about sources of contaminants in drinking water
  • Education can be at child care facilities, schools, home, hospitals, rehab facilities.
  • Discuss with the community actions to reduce contamination in drinking water
    • ex: water testing & how frequently (monthly, yearly)
  • Education can be done by flyers, community health fairs, schools, town meetings, online, facebook, support group facilities, etc.
  • Educate community/ families how to clean or replace aerator on faucets regularly
  • Education patients living near oil, gas facilities or coal mines about how energy production can lead to contaminated drinking water and frequent monitoring/ testing water
  • Educational Resources also provides many classroom activities that promote the importance of proper stormwater management.
    • class worksheet to guest presentations conducted by Nurses, construction workers, activist, CDC members, etc
  • DO NOT pour fat from cooking or any other type of fat, oil, or grease down the sink. Keep a “fat jar” under the sink to collect the fat and discard in the solid waste when full.




  • Boiling, filtration, chlorination, flocculation, and solar disinfection of water
  • Stool samples of certain patients
  • Water testing at home or possible contaminated facilities
  • Proper hygiene
  • Maintain storm sewers free of sediments in streets and pipes that take the stormwater to a stream or other body of water to prevent illegal dumping into storm sewers.
  • Any malfunctioning septic systems in Bristol Township should be notified immediately
  • Water, sanitation, and hygiene interventions are based on reducing the faecal-oral transmission of contaminates and harmful water pathogens
    • provision of an improved water supply, water safety planning, household water treatment, and safe storage, improved sanitation facilities, and hygiene education.
      • Improved water supplies refer to technologies as piped household water connections, public taps, standpipes, or protected dug wells, springs or rainwater collection.
      • Improved sanitation facilities may include flush/pour flush toilets to a confined system or composting toilets


Healthy People:

  • In most healthy adults and children, the problems are temporary.
  • Installation of rain barrels which reduces flooding in yards and basements, reduces water and sewage bills, and will absorb slowly into the ground which replenishes the groundwater supplies and increases water resources.
  • Create a rain garden by using low areas in gardens and yards to plant native vegetation, which allows water to infiltrate naturally into the ground rather than run off into the storm drainage.
  • Participate and conduct river and stream cleanups in Bristol Township.
  • Planting organic and native plants can help increase our pollinator population and provide fresh food for families, all while reducing polluted runoff to the local waterways.
  • Attend local hearings, staying informed about what Bristol Township is doing can help the community learn and be more educated how to reduce stormwater

Levels of Prevention:

  • Primary: Reduction of Risk BEFORE occurrence of disease, disability and injury.
    • Erosion and sediment control during the earth disturbance activities (e.g., during construction).
    • Homeowners and community organizations can prevent stormwater runoff pollution through lawn maintenance, pet waste removal and even maintaining existing stormwater BMPs.
    • Implementation of Silviculture. Silviculture entails the reestablishment of forest areas in or around urbanized areas to help aid in the absorption of excess water and nutrients before being released into storm sewer systems
    • Educational Resources also provides many classroom activities that promote the importance of proper stormwater management. These activities range from in class worksheet to guest presentations conducted by
  • Secondary: Early Detection of the Potential for development of disease, disability and injury.
    • Home Water Testing
    • Chemical treatment, most commonly with chlorine
    • Pathogen removal, such as filtration, absorption or sedimentation
    • Heat or UV disinfection, such as boiling or sun exposure
    • Protection from recontamination, through, for example, piped distribution and safe storage
  • Tertiary:
    • Storm Drain Markers are adhered to pavements and curbs adjacent to storm drains (sewer inlets) and serve as a visual reminder that only rain should go down the storm drain and discourages dumping. Metal markers are being purchased by Bristol Township EAC and we are seeking donations to implement the program through-out the Borough. They will be installed by the Borough Public Works Department.



Priority Problem 2: Substance Abuse
Buck’s county and Philadelphia have an extremely high rate of drug abuse, specifically heroin, despite the growing number of treatment resources

Nursing Plan:

To identify community specific risk factors

Prevent onset of SUD’s in younger generations through education and other approaches aimed at prevention

Increase awareness while decreasing stigma


Assessment:problem-oriented assessment, community subset assessment

Screening and Assessment for Family Engagement and Retention useful in child welfare situations

questionnaires and surveys to measure availability, dependency, etc.: LEEDS dependance questionnaire, Alcohol use disorders identification test

Incorporation of behavioral health assessments

Therapeutic communication in clinical settings to assess precipitating factors

Biological testing: urine, hair, blood tests

Assessing patients for factors that classify dependency

Assessing dual diagnosis among patients with known SUD

Assess community’s health care services in relation to mental health and substance abuse services.

Study patterns of SUD among minors


School systems/nurses will collaborate with local law enforcement, health agencies, legislators

PHN nurse will communicate with social workers within Bristol

Community of Solution: Interaction with nearby cities and counties regarding Substance abuse

Reach out to Drug & Alcohol Service Providers Organization of Pennsylvania


Utilize “ decision balance sheets” with patients

Needle exchange schemes: since heroin is very big in this area. Allows users to opportunity to exchange dirty needles for used ones

Methadone Clinic- to substitute drug use and connect patient to additional resources.

Realistic and incremental changes to be presented to patients

Being empathetic and educating on risky behavior by the community health nurse in various settings provides assistance in the short term

Community nurses to explore detoxification facilities through the local drug action team to increase referrals

Implementation and marketing for AA and NA support groups


Healthy People:

Reduce the proportion of adolescents using alcohol or any illicit drugs during the past 30 days (SA-13.1).

Reduce the proportion of adults engaging in binge drinking during the past 30 days (SA-14.3).

Levels of Prevention:

Primary: Educational programs

  • Education in schools – more promotion of DARE programs
  • Education in after school activities and events
  • Education in doctor’s offices
  • Educational programs in the community centers



Secondary:Early detection of addictive personality and early detection of substance abuse

  • At the doctor’s office: SCREENING
    • Family history of addiction
    • Education about substance abuse behaviors
    • Drug test
  • At the school
    • Counseling with students at least once a year from 1st grade to 12th grade
    • Education about the topics and how to prevent them
  • Screening programs




  • Setting up many locations for drug screenings and places to go and seek help
  • Promoting rehab centers
  • Promoting groups like NA and group therapy
  • Promoting therapy




  • racial issues
  • Mental health
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Encourage Economic Development
  • Clean Water Act

  • Assist Home Owners with Needed Repairs
  • Promote Fair Housing
  • Provide for Special Needs Housing Opportunities
  • Reduce Hazards in Homes
  • Increase Capacity of Housing and Service Providers


CARES ACT Funding:

  • Provide support for the Bristol Township Senior Center
  • Provide support for the homeless shelter in Bristol Township
  • Provide emergency 3-month maximum rental and mortgage assistance to low-income households to prevent eviction due to COVID-19
  • Provide services and programs for youth in low-income areas to cope with COVID 19 repercussions
  • Provide services and programs for families in low-income areas to cope with COVID 19 repercussions


Administration: There is a continuing need for planning, administration, management, and oversight of federal, state, and local funded programs.


Housing: There is a need to improve the quality of the housing stock in the community by increasing the amount of decent, safe, sound, and accessible housing for homeowners, renters, and homebuyers that is affordable to low to moderate persons and families. Additionally, repairs to homes, as needed for low to moderate-income, owner-occupied residents will continue.


Fair Housing: Promote fair housing choices through education and outreach in the community.


Public Facilities Infrastructure Improvements: Bristol Township is committed to improving the quality of life for its residents through improvements to public facilities. Renovations to the Bristol Township Senior Center will improve the Township’s ability to respond to the senior population and expand the services that are offered. During the pandemic, it has become more apparent that the Township needs to provide increasing support to our seniors.


Responding to the COVID-19 crisis:

Bristol Township intends to use these funds to provide additional operational support to the Senior Center and the homeless shelter, provide additional food support to the elderly and low/mod population in order to respond to the increase in need, provide emergency 3-month maximum mortgage and rental assistance to low-income households to prevent eviction and provide services to youth and families dealing with any repercussions due to COVID-19..

The goal of the FY 2019 Annual Action Plan is to improve the living conditions for all residents of the Township, to create a suitable and sustainable living environment, and to address the housing and community development needs of the Township.




Parks & Recreation

The Parks and Recreation Department also had a busy year. Annual events included the Egg Hunt, Four (4) Outdoor Movie Nights, Holiday Parade and Tree Lighting, and Touch-A-Truck. Additionally, a 7 (seven) week Summer Camp Program was provided by the Township Recreation Department. The biggest Capital Construction and Investment in 2019 were the beautiful Municipal Park Recreation Expansion Project. The War Dogs were able to play last year on a new turf field and practice on the adjacent practice field. Additionally, added amenities included the installation of an amphitheater, concession stand, restrooms, walking trail, ADA-compliant playground, and spray park with a new and improved softball field. We are all looking forward to the grand opening on May 16th and the smiles and fun stories we’ll be able to create for our community with this additional outdoor recreation space. The Parks and Recreation Department continues to coordinate with the Community Development Department on eligible Community Development Block Grant Funds to upgrade several parks and their structures throughout the Township. Upgrades that were completed in 2019 include the newly installed basketball hoops at 6 | P a g e State of the Township 6 Humphreys Park, a new playground at JFK Park, and fencing installed at Violetwood Park. 2020 will see a continuation of playground equipment upgrades and Master Park planning and construction.



Encourage Economic Development

Encouraging businesses to locate in Bristol Township and creating jobs continues to be one the highest priority for Council. Bristol Township welcomed 97 new businesses last year and approved 11 subdivisions and land developments. The Fire Marshal’s office conducted 1,631 annual fire safety inspections for our businesses and 3,902 apartment safety inspections. The Department of Building and Planning issued over 3,700 permits including 950+ residential resale use and occupancy permits and worked on over 840 property maintenance concerns reported to the Township. Many businesses and developments have come before us not only for approval but to expand their existing business within the Township. This goes to show you that we are doing it right! And we look forward to working with our Legislators, County Commissioners, Bucks County Planning Commission and the Redevelopment Authority of Bucks County to continue to bring new development into the Township, especially since the I-95 and Turnpike Connection was completed last year.

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