Comparison and contrast present in Nancy Drew and Miss Marple.

Comparison and contrast present in Nancy Drew and Miss Marple.

Nancy Drew:

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Comparison and contrast present in Nancy Drew and Miss Marple.
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Edward Stratemeyer founded an imaginary character, a detective in the mystery series of American and female figures and colleagues in the Hardy Boys series. The books were revised and made shorter in the eve of 1959 to lower the production costs and achieve an arguable success. The character has evolved and adjusted to changes and responses related to the United States art, music, and literature the sense of taste present. The protagonist’s original name is changed to be less violent, which included better subplots for detective activities. Illustrations and evolution have altered to portray the reflection of contemporary styles. The character has established recognition in the entire world by selling millions of copies made accessible to different countries. Translations have also been made to ensure the popularity is on the rise since it has been made available to everyone. Nancy Drew also features in various films, television films, and popular games on the computer accessible to most children and youths (Benson et al. 30). Drew is presented as an amateur detective, but further revisions and later versions show that she is a high school graduate and a detective. Nancy lost her mother, and the reflection is made in the early interventions that make her an independent individual with evidence in how Nancy managed to run the household at the age of ten. During her teen, she spends most of her time coming up with solutions to solve mysteries, some of which offer resistance and a stumbling block. Nancy is frequently assisted by her two close friends to develop better solutions to solve the cases of mysteries that often proved to be contentious and preferably a tough nut to crack (Benson et al.23).                                                                                                                                                  She is described as a super girl, and at the age of sixteen, she had even studied psychology and was more acquainted and accustomed to the power of proposal and connotation. Nancy is viewed to be a role model for the girls. Regardless of the revisions made, her character still stands out. It has earned the women empowerment recognition to concur with a detective’s ideas on cases related to crime. She is lauded to be an activist who champions others’ rights of others, her selfless nature distinguishes her from the pack, and everyone admires such traits.

Miss Marple

Miss Marple, a fictional character, presented in Agatha crime novels and portrays the unique name. Jane Marple puts up in the village of St.Mary Mead and often acts as an unprofessional and substandard consulting detective. She is characterized to be very old. She is regarded to be one of the leading actresses in the film Christie. The versions of Miss Marple are portrayed differently, and early versions show that Marple to be gleeful gossip and not an interesting woman. In the book, it shows that the residents of St. Mary Mead liked her but also got tired of her nosy nature and the perception she made on the people that could only prompt bad results or somewhat worse. The different versions portray her as a better woman, kind, and a modern human. Marple solved the crimes and resolved to useful solutions, and this was credited to her intelligence. The residents ensured they utilized her to the maximum to achieve consensus in solving difficult crime cases. Cases relating to crime made her commemorate a similar incident. The analogies acquired often gave her vast idea on how to handle issues relating to crime since there was a deeper understanding of the crime’s nature(Kimberly 23). Her remarkable ability made her latch on to casual comment and bear the connection that exists in the case at hand. She has no close relatives.

Miss Marple and Nancy Drew-

Miss Marple’s story has been published over a long period.

What makes a great detective? A piercing gaze, a commanding presence, the ability to make suspected murderers quail? Too many mystery lovers, the greatest detective is a small, fluttery older woman with large, innocent eyes and a habit of waffling on about her relatives. For, as her many fans know, Miss Jane Marple’s fluffy demeanor hides a sharp look and a mind like a steel trap. As her local Vicar says, no detective in England could affect many such criteria.

The summer recognizes the 75th anniversary of the principal Miss Marple novel, and to celebrate, Harper Collins is reissuing the Marple books with their original dustjackets. But the little old lady from Saint Mary Mead had previously appeared in a short story, which appeared in book form several years later as The Thirteen Problems.

Miss Marple is still the best-known woman detective.

Christie may have drawn on some of these earlier sleuths in Miss Marple’s creation, but she also drew inspiration from her own family. The basis by Miss Marple was foundedmoderately to the grandmother of Christie, and corresponding to the fictional heroine she inspired, continuouslyrumored the wickedest of individuals and, as noted by Christie, was frequentlydemonstrated right.

Miss Marple wasn’t the only famous female crime solver to make her debut in 1930. Nancy Drew created Edward Stratemeyer, the American publisher who also created crime-solving siblings the Hardy Boys. The early books were written by a young woman called Mildred Wirt, although all bore the name of the non-existent Carolyn Keene. Nancy was a thoroughly modern young woman – independent, fearless, and innovative. She set the tone for every sassy young heroine from Charlie’s Angels to Buffy.

And yet, Nancy’s popularity has diminished. Although publishers Simon and Schuster recently launched a new series, Nancy Drew: Girl Detective, Nancy is no longer an iconic figure. It may be because these days, young women have a much more excellent choice of adventurous young heroines, most of which are much more complex interesting than the undoubtedly heroic but somewhat boring Nancy.

Miss Marple, however, remains unbeaten. Although she has inspired other writers – Elizabeth Peters’ much-loved crime-solving Edwardian archaeologist Amelia Peabody has been described as a “cross between Miss Marple and Indiana Jones” – elderly female sleuths are still few and far between. No one would claim that Christie was a great writer, but nobody did it better when creating perfectly formed whodunits.

As Nancy Drew’s mysteries tended to involve someone pretending to be a ghost to scare ranchers away from a gold mine, it’s not surprising that she has faded away, while Christie’s intricate puzzles are all still in print and enormously popular – not only on the page but on the small screen as well.

The creators of iconic fictional characters often grow tired of their famous creations. And when they do, the best way to avoid public demand for more is to kill those creations off. Arthur Conan Doyle pushed Sherlock Holmes into the Reichenbach Falls. Colin Dexter killed Inspector Morse, and Christie herself eventually killed off Hercule Poirot, admitting that she found the Belgian detective and his little grey cells “insufferable.” But she could never bring herself to get rid of Miss Marple. And nor, it appears, can her fans.

Women have been significantly empowered due to Nancy Drew and Miss Marple that have impacted women’s confidence to emigrate from the housewife positions and indulge and seek well-paying occupations; therefore, women have been empowered to pursue careers and have a  right to be heard rather than being seen. Nancy Drew and Miss Marple have taught women to stand up for themselves rather than wait for the men to rescue them, and they could solve the mysteries they face daily and save themselves regularly. Women have been able to excel in male-dominated occupations, thus showing the revolution evident from Nancy Drew and Miss Marple.


The setting

The different characters are set up in different environments that have made them equipped with other skills to solve crime cases. Miss Marple resides in England, which is unusual for an old detective. Miss Marple is subjected to various situations that occur globally, which are disrupted by murder, but she comes up with a unique way of solving the cases. Initially, she was not taken seriously, but sooner she was able to gain trust and admiration among many in solving crimes. Nancy Drew the exact opposite of Miss Marple. She is a young and vibrant thought not experienced but has extraordinary skills to solve crime-related issues. She is from America, and the experiences there made her a figure for female independence. She is considered significant for women in America, and she helps the women attain confidence and awareness of the fundamental rights. Nancy was subject to change, and the difference was made for purposes of pleasing the leaders.

Nancy Drew champions children’s revolutionary rights, therefore adored and portrayed to be the champions and role models for young teenagers. For the Nancy Drew the story, the target audience needs reasons and purposes to coexist and thrive on being recognized in the modern era. Her skills that help solve crime cases are often things children can put in place and begin to practice on better ways of being innovative and reach a point of consensus when faced with difficult or rather a more challenging task. Children and mostly the girls have been given the power of being ambitious and dream about what their future will resemble in the coming times. People read about Nancy Drew driving her sports car, which makes children fantasize about how they could shape their future since most of them are rejuvenated and have a reason to thrive in the modern era. Miss Marple champions for the elderly’s rights. In most cases, the target audience is the elderly and the youth, and the innovative skills are incorporated to ensure a desired outcome of the criminal cases.





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