Discrimination of the Incarcerated

Discrimination of the Incarcerated


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Discrimination of the Incarcerated
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The conviction of an individual reflects where they are placed based on what mistakes or crimes they have committed. In understanding the broader nature of the treatment they received and given, the criminal’s actions are evaluated first (Wildeman & Wang, 2017). The wider role played is the general way in which the incarcerated are treated so that a shared aim in terms of information searching can be achieved. In many circumstances, when the convicted get to prison, many find a different life that brings along a unique way of trying to have them be welcome or either serve punishment for their mistakes. The incarcerated find it challenging to raise their voice out so that a given aim maybe in giving out a better judgment can be achieved on a broader scale. However, the incarcerated find it challenging in trying to accept various wider upcoming issues that limit their freedom of interaction and even the denial of the basic needs while in incarceration or not (Hwang & Phillips, 2020).  Therefore, looking at the way inmates and the general treatment of the blacks, especially when out or when still in prison is different than others.

Gender discrimination

The more comprehensive challenge of the various inmates in trying to have an exposure to gender discrimination is among the multiple challenges that openly need to be widely addressed to a larger extend (Redmond et al.,2020). In many circumstances, coming up with gender-based prison rules needs to be done better so that a given way of relation can be defined on a larger scale. Looking at the minority inmates, the women are primarily the victims of incidences that find it challenging to look for equality, especially when it comes to gender treatment. Betz (2020) explains that the more comprehensive analysis comes from the fact that the conditions of the prisons’ conditions for women are quite far in terms of comparison, which brings a different way of trying to initiate better treatments that will become result-oriented. Consequently, though the number of women inmates has grown, many of them still face the challenge of being dumped and even lumped together in a given prison with other prisoners because they perceive that they are fewer. In addition, many women in prisons are sometimes sent far away from their homes compared to the men in the prisons nearby (Wildeman & Wang, 2017). Consequently, to further discrimination, the state somehow finds it relevant to provide fewer educational programs for women than men because of the cost involved.

 Racial discrimination

Many black inmates find it challenging to survive in the prisons as inmates or generally by their type of skin as the main actor for consideration. The larger point of analysis is the type of treatment blacks receive compared to the other races in the prisons in the long run (Huebner, Kras, & Pleggenkuhle, 2019). The discrimination is believed to start from the high-ranking prison authorities, where many of them are blocked from trying to have prison life as they may be waiting for their cases.  The most common look at the type of discrimination is the openly blocking of black prisoners from either subscribing to magazines and newspapers. Maybe the news articles aim to have a black audience (Hwang & Phillips, 2020). In many circumstances, in prisons, the black inmates find themselves in such compromising situations, making it challenging to survive in the prisons.

Furthermore, many black inmates find themselves compromising situations like being used as proxies, especially for gangs and their memberships, or any time there is violence. In many circumstances, the treatment of many blacks inmates finds themselves in challenging situations where they look at the wider difference brought; they cannot challenge discrimination because the terms of existence are not mentioned; hence many suffer in silence. A larger percentage of blacks are believed to be victims of racist comments. In many circumstances, they find it challenging to mutually survive because of the toxic environment they find themselves in (Redmond et al., 2020). Due to this, many of the victims find it challenging to contest in the courts of law because of the strict policy in the prisons against racial discrimination.

Religious discriminations

Many inmates tend to have a general understanding of their religious practices in terms of practice and also the ways of belief.  It has become challenging to understand better what Muslim offenders go through in many circumstances, especially when they are black (Wildeman & Wang, 2017). Therefore the poor treatment has been analyzed as the leading cost to the increased poor mental balance and even the general ways of life. However, the most challenging part is when inmates are black. Also, Muslim find it challenging to survive because of the different environment they are set, especially in trying to make their life challenging (Wildeman & Wang, 2017). Due to this, they find it challenging to have various restrictions used against them to not have a free-flowing life at large where their rights are respected.

Furthermore, the analysis of the different ways of rewarding, they make it challenging for the Muslim inmates to be able to access the lucrative prison rewards and even punishment schemes; hence in many circumstances, many find themselves ranked for the tips, therefore, becoming challenging to appreciate their religious choices(Betz, 2020). The look at the policies and the ways of living make it relevant in trying to better understand in terms of getting the freedom to be able to worship. Therefore, the wider policies’ analysis always makes it challenging in terms of getting the needed treatment the same way other inmates would get to create equality. The wider point of the analysis is treating Muslims in a unique way that will bring a different way that an inmate will feel not treated as required or by the statutory regulations. Wildeman & Wang (2017) describes that the look at the existing islamophoia is thinking that has taken root in the wider prison engagement and even outside. It becomes challenging for the Muslims to try and prove their innocence in the eyes of the court of public opinion. On a larger scale, it becomes open that the practice is rampant because of the wider belief that a given situation of discrimination will be implemented. Furthermore, many of the Muslim inmates’ analysis and discrimination is the look at the practice and the larger happenings in the outer and wider world (Hwang & Phillips, 2020). Therefore, this becomes open to appreciate the different ways of relations like the aftermath of the 9/11 many Muslim inmates found themselves in challenging situations.

Discrimination against free movements and association

The look at the general ways in which inmates move around, especially the former ones, then becomes challenging to try and have an easy way of getting back the required life that is supposed to be appreciated (Redmond et al.,2020). Immediately an individual is incarcerated, it becomes understood that a different way to either frustrate their life is initiated, which makes it hard to try and have it challenging to live the required association. Consequently, many former inmates have been subjected to disparities and open discrimination like the stop, question, and frisk technique, bringing a different environment. The main concern is the need by the formerly incarcerated that there needs to be a comfortable environment that will orient them hence making it easy to get back to normal activities on a larger scale (Wildeman & Wang, 2017). However, due to the laws giving the police powers, then the encouragement of such explains why there are increased convictions and then incarceration mostly through discrediting the fundamental rights. Therefore, due to the need to better understand the performance, it makes it challenging for the black population to clear off many criminal records on them so that a given life can be brought back. In many circumstances, it becomes standard in terms of the blacks failing to become inmates, especially on allegations of furtive behavior.

Discrimination by the justice system

There is much challenging understanding in terms of trying to analytically appreciate the urge to serve justice instead of delaying the required justice on ethnic and even racial grounds to create the required relevance in the administration of justice (Hwang & Phillips, 2020). Therefore, many individuals have found themselves on the receiving end of analyzing the open way in which there will be no racial trials in terms of the whole court process. The uses of judicial terms like pretrial detention have become a norm, especially to the black defendants, because of their inability to be unable to have the chance to manipulate the justice system. Therefore, looking at such, many of the backs are likely to be convicted for a long term in prison that will bring a different interpretation of the justice system (Huebner, Kras & Pleggenkuhle, 2019). The analysis of justice discrimination makes it challenging for the black and Hispanic population unemployed to survive because of the discrimination, especially compared to white offenders. Furthermore, because of the unfair arrest and convictions of the black, especially young ones, they find it challenging to plead guilty to the offenses they did not commit; hence, this makes them serve a lengthy jail term.

The perception from the media

The treatment differently of the inmates by the media and the negative understanding of the wider relationship required with the public and the wider ways of approach to their existing challenges is the biggest problem the inmates face (Redmond et al., 2020). On the larger scale, the different ways in which the media portrays crimes and even tends to try and create wrong information channeling inappropriate by focusing on the serious crimes committed explicitly by people of color, especially the blacks, makes it challenging to survive the onslaught and their relationship. However, what the media tries to put aside is the relaxed way it will be tricky to have a rightful arrest; hence, they find it challenging to try and clear their public image in many circumstances. Therefore, the media reporting needs to change because of the different understanding that will bring a difference in terms of the more extensive role-play of reporting the correct information without bias, especially about the treatment of inmates in discriminatory conditions (Betz,2020). This will generally reduce the racial disparities that will later be reflected in better punishments.

Societal discrimination

The poor understanding of the mate’s experiences in the prisons makes it challenging for them to be readily appreciated when it comes to better reforms and the general relationship with the society when they come back after prison (Beck & Blumstein, 2018).  In many circumstances, many suffer from the stigma of a felony, and even incarcerations make it challenging to have a different way of relationships in general. The most circumstantial bit of social discrimination is that when they are fighting to rebuild their lives, they are the blacks, then it will be challenging to be better and keep off the criminal justice system at large. Moreover, when many have a felony conviction, then it becomes challenging to get housing, student loans, and employment, and even aid from the social welfare programs; this, therefore, implies coming back to life will be challenging to comprehend and live with (Wildeman & Wang, 2017). The suspicious nature of association where there is public life in solitude to the formerly incarcerated where the look at such makes it possible to suffer from health challenges like depression and even indulge in substance abuse to cut life pressures. Furthermore, social labeling makes it different in knowing how to create a better reputation, which will try and create a better tag, especially in the broader role of co-existence. Later, if they become relevant, then it makes it easy in association and decision making.

In summary, the analysis of the incarcerated discrimination is a topic of discussion that needs to be put in perspective mainly when there is a desire to protect human life and create a just and equal system of association. Furthermore, the government needs to do away with the discrimination in the prisons and even the justice system, especially when there is a need to have a different understanding of the challenges experienced. On the contrary, the government is trying to have a different role play in understanding the challenges where the analysis is supposed to be critically appreciated to create an open environment for the association. There should be open punishments in terms of the punishments in the prisons, especially to the people of color, which are to be better in making the justice system fair to all free from discrimination in general.



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